The local heroes

Get an insight into why we choose to use small local agencies rather than big agents on our tours, and how we find them.

Create the right flow on your business trip

Get advice and inspiration from previous trips on how to make the right programme for your next corporate trip or event.

4 upcoming destinations you should check out for your next business trip

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The 5 best places to stay - when you don't want the traditional hotel!

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The alternative meeting room

The best meetings are held outside the meeting room! Time and again, we find that professional events take on an extra dimension when creativity is allowed to flourish and participants are taken away from traditional meeting venues.

The journey goes to... where it benefits and moves!

"The place you go matters. Your surroundings underpin what you do, what you achieve and the result you take home" - Read a bit about the reflections that come when you are on a beautiful trip with clients on the Camino.