The journey goes to... where it benefits and moves!

After a wonderful summer holiday, late summer and autumn are in full swing in terms of work and travel.

I am currently in the north of Spain, on the Camino, bordering France. The last 3 days and the next 2 I am with great collaborators and a leadership group from the top of the business world.

The area up here is very mythical and contains great stories of war, love, devotion to a cause and not least escapism.

Escapism, not in the bad form of the ostrich and the head in the bush. But escapism from the daily roles and good and bad habits at home in the familiar grind. The escapism that allows you to think things through. With room to create new thoughts and ideas along the way, to then return and finish the first thought.

Before my trip here in Spain, the late summer offered wonderful trips with clients, to an idyllic estate in Sweden, a legendary monastery in northern Italy, spectacular Sintra in Portugal and a beautifully situated manor house on Zealand.

All the places lead me to something I believe in, almost want to say I know!

Where you go matters. Your surroundings underpin what you do, what you achieve and the result you take home.

That's why we spend so, excuse me, damn long time finding the right places for our trips. That's why we don't want to fall into the clutches of big travel agents who sell us yardsticks and think in volume. That's why we care so much and are curious about what it is our customers want from the event. Because it matters - period.

Next time you as a director, manager, owner or chairman of the board need to get your people to an event, remember the above - it works and moves.