Are you looking for the ultimate event that combines luxury with the beauty of nature?

Corporate Travel & Events' luxury tent camp offers a unique opportunity to create the perfect setting and experience nature at your event.

We create beautiful settings and spaces for your corporate event or event in large tents of all sizes or adjoining rooms. In connection with your event, you will be spoilt with gourmet meals with fresh ingredients, according to your wishes.

Even though you're staying in nature and in a tent, you don't have to compromise on comfort. Our camps are built with high-quality tents equipped with beds, duvets and blankets on the floor - guaranteeing a good night's sleep in nature.

Our camps are set up in breathtaking surroundings according to your wishes, allowing you to focus on what's important to you and your event.

Contact us at and learn more about the possibilities or book directly here!

Luxury Camp Price Calculator and Booking

Below you can enter your desired order and get an instant price. If you want to make the order, enter your email, phone number and dates and we will contact you as soon as possible with an answer.

Price: DKK 2,500.00 per item.
Robens Klondike Grande. 2 Box mattresses incl. mattress topper, 2 duvets/pillow, linen, covers, carpets, bedside table, lamp and mirror. Incl. set-up and dismantling.
Set up as a double tent. If you require a different setup, please specify this in the comments.
Price: DKK 200.00 per item.
1 cot, 1 sleeping bag, 1 blanket and pillow.
Price: DKK 300.00 per item.
1 box spring, 1 pillow/duvet, linen and covers.
Price for luxury tents: 0 DKK
Price for A packages: 0 DKK
Price for B packages: 0 DKK
Price for delivery: 0,00 DKK (0 km.)
Note: Your order is only valid once you have received a confirmation from us.