The alternative meeting room

An important prerequisite for a successful academic programme is solid planning and attention to detail. One of these is the setting for your meetings. Time and again, we find that the professional programme takes on an extra dimension when creativity is allowed to flourish, taking participants away from traditional meeting rooms and instead creating a meeting space in surroundings that can contribute to new inspiration and great results.

You can create a different meeting room for your everyday life or your business trip. Sometimes it's as simple as moving the meeting into the countryside. Make small picnic baskets, lay out blankets on the grass and create a small stage out of pallets. If you're on a company trip, think of alternative meeting formats such as holding a floating meeting, on board a private cruise ship on the Douro or Danube rivers. Choose a charming vineyard in Piedmont, or use the beautiful caves of Sardinia and Cappadocia as your meeting venue.

What's important to keep in mind is that it's all about well-chosen surroundings and that the setting is inspiring and different, while being functional (and if you choose the model with a meeting room in nature, remember a plan B ). It's not always the easy option, but it's worth it when you find the unique setting that helps to inspire and give your participants a positive "wow" surprise.

We think about details and frameworks every time we sit in front of a client who is going on a business trip with us. We spend time finding the venue that matches your culture, season, budget and of course professional agenda. In the planning phase and at the event, we take responsibility for all the practicalities and make the alternative meeting space easy for you. We establish and maintain the framework that ensures you can focus on the professional, while we focus on the logistics and the low-key elements.