The local heroes

There is no doubt that the way we research and plan our corporate events is what makes us unique. We work very hard to find the right destinations, accommodation, etc. and steer clear of the big destination agencies, even though this is usually the easiest option.

After we have a good understanding of the area from home, and have an outline of the programme ready, we always go on a "recce tour" where we examine all the elements around our client's programme. It's on these trips that we find out what works and what needs changing, and it's where we connect with our local partners who over the years become our local heroes!

It's the relationships we build with locals that help us deliver unique and bespoke programmes. It's also with them that we can make a plan B, C and D on the spot when we're off with a client, should the need arise.

We are grateful for all the good friendships and collaborators we have made over the years. An example of two of our local heroes are Dejan and Anka, who have their own small adventure agency around Bovec, where Dejan grew up and knows everyone.

Originally they were just going to do some cool MTB rides for a client. But over the years they have helped us to quickly find a local mechanic, for example when one of our employees punctured a tyre far away from town and road service. They've given us access to a private plot of land and a Yurtu tent for a BBQ, where the whole family was involved in setting up the tent and providing local specialities, being our interpreters and immersing us in the local culture and dynamics - all the while always having plenty to smile about, time to offer us a homemade schnapps and tell us interesting stories from the area.

One of the great advantages of working directly with a local agency like Dejan and Anka is their extensive knowledge of the area, their many contacts and their flexibility. If the weather suddenly changes on a trip, they know how the routes will be affected and need to be changed. We don't have a middleman to get involved with add-ons, changes etc. which ensures that the arrangements we make are something that everyone is completely on board with. And should unforeseen obstacles arise during the course of a programme, we are in direct contact with each other and can act quickly.

That's why we'd rather spend the extra time and effort to find the right local heroes in every destination. This means we get reliable partners who can always help us before, during and after an event, and we get to create the perfect experience for you.