Professional and social business trip to Barcelona

Home is good, but out can sometimes be even better. Last week we had the pleasure of facilitating an alternative office environment for 330 clients from an international company. The location this time, was the Spanish east coast north of Barcelona. Here, all employees had the opportunity to enjoy the Spanish weather and experience the beautiful city and its many facilities. 

The trip lasted a total of 4 days with professional content and a lot of social activities. The trip was full of exciting and educational experiences for all involved. It was a fantastic trip where the employees got to know each other in a new way in beautiful and exciting surroundings.  

As I said, the trip was full of experiences. Some of the many exciting activities we got to do included flying a keynote speaker from the US to Barcelona. This was an educational experience for the many participants. Afterwards, all 330 customers were divided into 30 teams to do a treasure-hunt around the beautiful city. The activities were not all about professionalism or cooperation, there was also room for a lot of fun. Among other things, we got to do urban crossfit and go kayaking. In addition, the festive mood was also in place, and a rooftop theme party with a DJ rounded off a successful trip.  

This was an educational and exciting way to approach team building for all involved. This is just one of the many experiences and destinations we offer to businesses. If you would like a professional and social company tour for your company, please contact us and we will work out a solution.