Obton A/S/Koncenton's unique trip to Greece

Another successful company trip carried out with All Obton and Koncenton employees. This time the trip went to Athens in Greece, where the employees from Obton, got to experience the beautiful nature and surroundings that the country has to offer. It was a unique opportunity for the company to bond more, both between new and old colleagues.  

The events took place both at sea and on land. This was filled with fun competitions and lots of good views. 

Our customers were given the opportunity to combine work with pleasure. Here they were allocated conference space in the heart of beautiful Athens. The combination of the beautiful surroundings, activities and work creates a unique way to approach one's colleagues. This helps to create long lasting relationships and memories, across the organisation.  

We took care of all the practicalities so they could focus on the work, the beautiful surroundings and the sights. We rejoice when things go well for our clients. A just completed tour for Obton A/S / Concenton to Greece with highly satisfied participants. 

Statement from Peter after the trip to Greece - 

"Another fantastic trip organised by CTE. We have continuously used Dan and his crew over the last 5 years. Every year is delivered to a high standard and the trip to Athens was no exception. My warmest recommendations from Koncenton A/S"

Peter Krogsgaard Jørgensen 

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Partner