4 upcoming destinations you should check out for your next business trip

The choice of destination for a corporate event is extremely important. Logistics and budget are of course basic elements that also need to be taken into account. But in our experience, participants respond more positively to the whole event if they have been to a destination that inspires and surprises them. We have found 4 surprisingly wonderful destinations that we think will become extremely popular destinations in the next few years. They are all guaranteed to give your employees an experience beyond the ordinary.

Slovenia - Triglav National Park

Whether you're into charming cities, beautiful scenery or adrenaline-packed adventures, this small country has it all. Triglav National Park in particular is the right choice for you, if you want to have a break from the professional programme in beautiful surroundings and make use of all the cool activities nature has to offer. Visit beautiful waterfalls, try river rafting, take a MTB tour crossing the suspension bridges over the Soca River, and have a Slovenian wine tasting! We recommend staying right up Triglav, possibly in the small town of Bovec, where both hotel and glamping options are available.

There are direct flights to Ljubljana Airport once a day from Copenhagen, and good connections with short stops in Frankfurt on several departures a day, also from Billund. From Ljubljana, it is about a 1-hour drive to Triglav National Park.

Scotland - Dundee

Dundee in Scotland has long been passed over by visitors in favour of Edinburgh and Glasgow. But in recent years the city has been on a roll, from industrial cityscape to being named the UK's first UNESCO City of Design in 2018, putting Dundee firmly on the map. Dundee is fast becoming a cultural hub, boasting historic buildings and new architectural classics. We suggest highland games as team building in the surrounding countryside, and use of some of the stunning buildings for your professional programme, before visiting a local pub and having whisky tasting.

There are direct flights to Edinburgh from Copenhagen twice a day, and direct flights to Edinburgh from Billund twice a week. Dundee is just under an hour and a half's drive from Edinburgh Airport.

Portugal - Evora

Evora is a little hidden gem in Portugal, rising up from the vast Alentejo plain an hour and a half's drive from Lisbon airport. The city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with well-preserved monuments and buildings to be found in the charming streets and squares within the city walls. The city is in the Alentejo region, known as Portugal's larder, so your taste buds will be spoilt for choice with the best wine and food to be found in the country. We recommend a small group tasting tour of the city, a visit to one of the wonderful olive oil houses in the area, and that you choose a hotel within the old city walls to experience the convivial atmosphere in between the professional programme.

There are good year-round connections to Lisbon Airport, with daily flights direct from Copenhagen. There is also a stopover from Billund every day. The drive from Lisbon airport to Evora is approximately 1½ hours.

Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo

Sarajevo is fast becoming a popular travel destination, and after a short time in the city it's easy to see why. The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, contrasting architecture, and filled with charming cobbled streets where you'll be constantly tempted by freshly baked bread, Bosnian coffee, local beers and the national dish cevapi. Near the old town there are now several good hotels with fine facilities for meetings etc., and in the breaks you can take a short walk along the Miljacka river, which runs through the whole town. A perfect trip to Sarajevo offers adventures in the city and the surrounding countryside. The mountain ranges offer great outdoor activities and the old town has an "east meets west" feel as you explore Baščaršija, Sarajevo's old bazaar.

There are not yet many direct flights to Sarajevo, but from Copenhagen the trip can be made including a stopover of about 4 hours in total.

Whether you want to experience new or classic destinations for your next corporate event, always remember to choose a destination and programme that is in line with the overall purpose of the trip, budget and season.