Where to start

Although Denmark is slowly opening up, we are still working with some restrictions in the light of COVID19.

It laid the groundwork for a crazy project for a large Danish company that wanted to implement their strategy despite these.

About 620 participants were divided into 66 x 8-10 man groups of which 11 groups were on Bornholm, 11 in the South Funen archipelago, 8 on the Herve Way, 10 on Djursland, 11 in National Park Thy, 8 in Sweden, 6 in Germany and 1 in Norway.

All groups ran completely individual 3 day programmes, with both professional work and everything from horse riding, sailing, kayaking, yoga, running, surfing and much more, only to meet 3 and 3 groups on the very last evening.

As many of the groups moved along the way, there have been over 90 different accommodation sites in use and far more restaurants and eateries + a myriad of local volunteers, instructors, guides etc.

Despite the almost unmanageable logistics, everything ran perfectly, not least helped by the fantastic Danish/Swedish summer weather.

It's great to be back in business and there are SO many people we should thank but the list would be unmanageable - if all of you who have helped are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help and not least thank you so much to the client for trusting us with the job again.

If you managed to read this to the end please share and help us say thank you to all involved!